Jude Remedios shown here amongst a group of her large original paintings from her continuing series, “River of Life”.



Jude Remedios paints large, bold, colorful canvases that express her love of nature. Committed to gestural abstraction she uses big arm movements to swipe, splatter and drip paint across each blank canvas creating paintings that exude a dynamic energy notable throughout her entire body of work.

After receiving a Master’s Degree from UCLA, Remedios began exhibiting in select galleries across California and in Canada. Today her contemporary works are exhibited online and are purchased worldwide, directly from her. As a result, her work is hanging in public and private collections throughout the USA and in countries like Canada, China, Russia, Canary Islands, Norway, and UK.

Her newest works are posted regularly on Instagram where they can be viewed and shopped immediately.

Remedios is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee USA where she paints daily from her semi-rural home studio.

Instagram: @jude_remedios

Email: juderemedios1@gmail.com